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Archive for August, 2012

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 8/29/12

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #3 by Cliff Chiang

Besides Darwyn Cooke, do you know who else does a good job of capturing the feeling of a bygone era? Cliff Chiang. His style is so fluid, that you can place it in almost any setting he applies it to, and it’s still recognizable as his own. Remember those bitchin’ Star Wars propaganda posters? Same deal, as nerds swooned collectively. Now he’s at it again with this moment in time shot with the Minutemen, and just scanning the image you can tell who wants to be in the shot, and who doesn’t. Chiang displays them as the heroes the city deserves (and loves), so it’s absolutely heartbreaking to think that it all goes downhill from here. That’s what sometimes sucks with prequels; you know what’s going to eventually happen. Looking at this cover, I can take solace in the fact that these characters are enjoying life for at least a few years more. Beautiful stuff.


Steed and Mrs. Peel #0 (Cover H) by Joseph Michael Linsner

Hubba Hubba, party of one! I never watched the old Avengers television show, but I did see the movie starring Uma Thurman, so that counts right? Trolling aside, I found myself very drawn to this variant, for the lady depicted is quite the specimen. As silly as it sounds, I think I really enjoy the faint outline of the muscles that can be seen underneath the suit, almost teasing that the fabric is able to pick-up every detail if presented in the right light. And if certain chesticles were on display, who knows what the fabric would reveal? I can see this as a pin-up in every English boy’s locker at the academy (or whatever the hell you call it), for it’s very sexy, and very visually stimulating. The ripples blossoming behind her are the cherries on top.


Prophet #28 by Simon Roy

“Tis but a scratch!” –Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation² #4 (Cover B) by Francesco Francavilla

My favorite cover of the week, hands down. Not going to lie, I was extremely tempted to choose JK Woodward’s ‘Cover A’ for a fourth consecutive time in a row (because he’s been delivering nothing but the best), but the intensity Francavilla put into this cover left me breathless. It was like I was being pulled in by a tractor beam, and my heart was set from “KILL” to “LOVE”. The placement of the Federation insignia, the big baddies looming ominously to the sides of said insignia, and the kick-ass shot of both The Doctor and Geordi La Forge brought the biggest smile to my face. I want this as a poster ASAP, IDW! Don’t make me hurt you!


Higher Earth #4 (Cover C) by Garry Brown

I’ve always been a fan of that Rising Sun Flag type of design, and I’ve always been a fan of Garry Brown. Blend those too things together and add some radical coloring here and there, and you have yourself one hell of a pretty radical cover. The lack of text was a good choice, aesthetically speaking, for it really gives the viewer a chance to take the illustration in and enjoy the hidden face in the red-white color scheme. Earth always seems to be the focus, along with big guys with swords and guns. You get a perfect combination of all things awesome with this cover in particular, and let’s add this onto the POSTER, ASAP PLEASE list.


Aquaman #12 (Variant) by Robot Chicken

I had a nice big laugh when I first saw this cover. At first I thought it was just an image conjured up for the upcoming special, but when I found out it was an actual variant, I was giddy! You just know Aquaman has been dreaming of this day for the longest time. After being considered ‘useless’ for years, he finally snaps, and goes on a killing spree and takes down the Justice League in the process. Just observe that look of triumph on his face! Who wouldn’t read that comic?! Aquaman Kills The DC Universe does sound rather catchy, especially if it’s written by Geoff Johns and art by Ivan Reis (out in 2013).

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – August 2012

The first monthly episode of Cammy’s Comic Corner for August 2012!

[1:34] LEGO talk with John Layman!

[21:52] Keyleaf ComicsDUST and MonkeyBrain ComicsOctober Girl & Edison Rex!

[27:43] American Vampire & Richard Stark’s Parker discussion with Matt (Duke of Douche)!

[55:06] Jeff Lemire’s Lost Dogs & The Underwater Welder!

[1:04:12] Misogyny in video games with Jeremy Awesome!

[1:30:22] The Rundown!

[2:00:01] King Kong vs Godzilla discussion!

Send questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns to!

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Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 8/22/12

Fables #120 by Joao Ruas

Artist Joao Ruas really outdid himself this week with this glorious stained glass cover. Darien being the subject of inspiration, we see him surrounded by several enticing images. Things yet to come, or things from his past? We’ll have to read-on to find out, but the image itself is beautifully illustrated and makes good use of the vibrant colors that one would see when actually viewing stained glass. I find it spooky to see his own head at his feet, as if it’s a bad omen of sorts. Forget making this a poster, make this a Comic-Con Exclusive next year and have actual stained glass! The Fables fans would gobble it up in a heartbeat!


Astonishing X-Men #53 by Dustin Weaver & Rachelle Rosenberg

My favorite cover of the week, hands down. My first reaction looking at this cover was “Man, Logan needs to watch what he eats!” but upon closer inspection, it’s probably symbolic that he’s a bomb just waiting to go off. Better yet, he strapped a bomb to his chest and walked through airport security. Wouldn’t you just love to hear “Don’t touch my junk, bub!”? Both bomb and Adamantium skeleton are intricately detailed, and we can’t really tell which object has more screws loose. Furthermore, the background is a bomb as well, with the fuse about to run out. It’s like Weaver & Rosenberg watched that one scene in Meet The Parents, and decided “You know what this cover needs? More BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, B-BOMB B-BOMB BOMBS!” Good use of hot and cool colors, good use of space, this cover is a home run.


Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1 by Paul Pope & Lovern Kindzierski

While I do find the Adam Hughes cover amazing, I just can’t see past that shocked look on Laurie’s face ever since I heard the comment “Surprise Buttsex” and it kills me because it’s such a beautiful cover regardless. Anyway, this variant by Pope is equally amazing, because we get all the great little details of Dr. Manhattan tinkering with the insides of machinery (an engine, perhaps?) with a somewhat complacent look on his face. You what? I just realized what he’s putting together; the bomb that’s strapped to Wolverine’s chest in the last cover! You guys! It’s a company-wide crossover event with Dr. Manhattan vs Wolverine! Avengers vs Watchmen does have a nice ring to it.


Lobster Johnson: The Prayer of Neferu by Tonci Zonjic

I was a big fan of Zonjic’s art on the recent Lobster Johnson miniseries, so it brings me great joy seeing his wonderful style put to use on this cover. Not only is Lobster Johnson shooting the guy in the torso at point blank range, but to add insult to injury, he’s about give him a taste of the burning claw! Zonjic’s pulpy noir style works well for a character like Lobster Johnson, and the black and white tones with the fluorescent orange really make the cover pop. I especially like the orange spackle on the lower portion of the claw logo. I need that on a shirt ASAP, Dark Horse! Also, I need more Zonjic in my Lobster Johnson comics, capisce?


Spaceman #9 by Dave Johnson

“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” –Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight

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Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 8/15/12

Batwoman #12 by J.H. Williams III

Favorite cover of the week, hands-down. I don’t know where to even begin with this piece! It’s a frantic array of something you’d see in the Funhouse while high on mushrooms, combined with iconic superheroes darting about and somehow keeping you safe. I love the 2D stars of Wonder Woman on top of the beautiful image of Batwoman sinking into the mirror, not entirely sure what to make of the situation. Is Alice back? Will Wonder Woman be helping? And where’d all these snakes come from?! She hates snakes! This belongs in a museum! Dammit Marion! Anyways, fantastic cover, it certainly is the type of quality every artists should strive for.


Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1 by Jim Steranko

Holy shit, a Steranko sighting! It’s very rare nowadays to see a new piece by him out in the wild, so at the same time it makes me giddy and excited that my Favorite Covers Pokéball was able to capture this. Either DC paid him a lot of money for this cover, or he approached them as a fan of the original material and wanted to contribute any way he could. Or perhaps both. Either way, everyone wins (except Alan Moore) and we get quite the bitchin’ cover here. The illustration alone should be on display in an art museum, because I think it does a great job of capturing the essence of Rorschach in this single cover; the dogs, the blood, the asymmetric design, it all flows together beautifully, and DC really needs to make a poster of this so I can hang it with pride on my wall. I can instantly see the poster beating up the other posters in my room while bellowing; “None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with ME!


Captain Marvel #2 by Ed McGuinness

What can I say? I just love a gal in uniform. And this cover took me slightly aback when I discovered McGuinness was the artist, only because it seems rather tame for him. When I think of McGuinness, bulging muscles and an almost cartoony style come to mind, but here with see a nice homage to the classic Rosie the Riveter posters that commands your respect. Now I’ve heard a few people complain about her new costume, but I for one really like it. I especially like her hair, for it doesn’t come across as too tomboyish or lesbianish to me, but then again I’ve always been a fan of shorter hairstyles on women to begin with. The color scheme is fantastic, the look is badass, this cover wins all around.


The Shade #11 by Tony Harris

“What the hell is going on here?!” I ask with the biggest smile on my face. The amount of action happening on this cover is almost too much to try and contain, as I can just imagine the lighting bolts and shadows continuing past the gutters. We have the Shade giving it his absolute all trying to go toe-to-toe with this gigantic Celestial Pharaoh. Who thinks this stuff up?! It’s an awesome concept, but an even more amazing execution by Harris. Surely the illustration of this image took him quite a long time, but the images, colors, and shading just clash beautifully. This is the cover you use for the eventual hardcover collection. Bravo for all the eyegasms, Mr. Harris!

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Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 8/8/12

Resurrection Man #12 by Francesco Francavilla

More like ‘Decomposing Man,’ am I right?? But seriously, I really like the decaying effect with bits of his person being carried away by the winds. The look on his face suggests he’s not going without a fight, as he literally tries to keep it together. And let’s talk about those evil glowing eyes behind him, shall we? Those things are extremely disturbing to look at! I can’t look at them for more than a few seconds, then I quickly have to check over my shoulder to make sure he hasn’t crawled through my window. Great cover, with the cherry on top being warm colors over cool colors. Color me impressed!


Blue Estate #12 by Viktor Kalvachev

If only Serenity really existed. Who wouldn’t want to live in paradise, where gun trees sprouted money leaves, and gorgeous redheads basked all day in the sun? This cover does a great job mimicking a postcard, with the title placed as a stamp, and the postmarks revealing other cool things about the series. Now that I think about it, this Serenity would be the ultimate Gangsta Paradise, wouldn’t it? Maybe that’s Coolio in the background walking towards us, or I’m just extremely racist in suggesting that all black people look alike. Quick! Avert your attention from me to the hot redhead front and center!


Batman #12 by Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening indeed! While I adore the almost-blinding vibrant colors on a black background, I find some humor in Batman’s cape acting as the equivalent of hair being electrified. That may not be intended, but I just thought I should share my case of the giggles with you regardless. Beautiful cover, I  can definitely see it as a poster.


Godzilla: The Half-Century War #1 by James Stokoe

The wait is over, and James Stokoe’s Godzilla series will now commence in melting our eyeballs with its awesomeness. Just seeing a profile of the beast with its glowing crystallized-looking spine, as it leaves nothing but destruction and chaos in its path is mesmerizing, and Stokoe is just giving us an appetizer with this cover before moving on to the main course inside. The lone soldier in the foreground, looking rather glum because he’s the only one left alive, and it’ll be up to him to clean this mess up. Not kill the monster, but to actually clean the destroyed city up. Anyone have a broom for this poor fellow? Just check-out the detailed rubble and knocked-over buildings, beautifully illustrated in what must have taken hours to pencil and ink. Stokoe is a master of his craft, and everything he touches turns to tax-free gold.


Demon Knights #12 by Alex Garner

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands-down. There’s just so much energy leaping off the cover, that you really feel like you have front row seats to the most epic battle in the history of…England! The green magic  just exploding from Le Fey’s fingertips is captivating, as her war face is just as equally terrifying. The Demon’s armor glistening in the torchlight, as he faces the foul sorceress with blade at the ready. Hell, the lighting effects in particular are beautifully executed, and really do add that extra ‘umph’ to the illustration. I’ll take this standalone image over the entire Avengers vs X-Men event any day!

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